Children's Programs & Events

Programs & events in the Lillian Dixie Morton Children’s Library spark curiosity, creativity, and joy in our young patrons. For up-to-date scheduled program details, follow this link to the Osterville Village Library's Event Calendar.

Looking for something to entertain the kids with now? Stop by the OVL and enjoy these ON DEMAND programs. Ready for you to enjoy anytime the library is open!

Osterville Children’s Room Doll House    Come play our four-story, twelve-room, four-bed, and two-bath dollhouse! Housed in the Osterville Village Library Children’s room, this imagination-station is a great way for children to build their minds as they build the lives of the dozens of dollies we have waiting for them!

Osterville Block Box    Have your child’s spatial awareness and building skills expand with our multi-colored building-block set! Perfect for budding engineers and architects alike!

Osterville Kiddy Coloring Zone      Stocked with fun coloring pages and fat tubs of Crayons, the Kiddy Coloring Zone is the perfect place for your little Picasso to express their artistic excitement!

Osterville Puzzle Station     Perfect for kids that like putting this together, the Osterville Puzzle Station is stocked with a half-dozen puzzles that will get the brain buzzing!

Osterville Train Station - Perfect for the budding engineer to design the track layout and move the wooden trains along the track.


We’re making project-based learning the focus of our expanded literacy programming for school-age children. 

  • Osterville Design Center and Makerspace     Home to tools that would make any inventor proud, the brand-new Osterville Design Center and Makerspace is home to weekly drop-in design activities. The perfect way to spark your child’s interest in design, or hone and expand their passion for creation!

  • Osterville Children’s Computer Station     Whether their figuring out how to do their homework, or just surfing the web, the Osterville Children’s Computer Station gives kids and parents alike the ability to build their internet skills!

  • Osterville Chess Set     The classic of strategy, the Osterville Village Library gives you the chance the match your wits with an opponent for a game of masterful tactics!



iVOX: Books that Move!

New: iVOX: Books that move!
iVOX is a children's book app for ages 3-8, which engages and delights curious young minds with the latest in storytelling technology. Part eBook, part audiobook, and part virtual pop-up, children follow along with the exciting stories while interacting with 3D characters and scenes--immersed in the narrative like never before (no 3D glasses needed!).

How to use iVOX

You must be connected to the internet to use the app.

Download the iVOX app from the Apple or Google Play store.

When prompted, enter your zip code and select your library (Osterville Village Library). Upon selecting your library, the login screen will appear where you will be asked for your Osterville Village Library card number.  Once your card is validated, you will be in the iVOX App’s main area where you can browse, search, and download iVOX Books. If you have any problems logging in, please contact us.

From the homepage bookshelf, choose a book and select “Check Out Now.” Your book will begin downloading immediately.

Once your book opens, a short tutorial will play showing you how to use iVOX. Tap the book cover and it will start playing automatically. A sound effect will let you know when it’s time to turn to the next page; you can do so by selecting the RIGHT ARROW key. To go back a page, press the LEFT ARROW key. You can PAUSE / PLAY the book at any time.

To enhance your viewing experience, move your device UP or DOWN to see the 3D scenes from different angles. You can also pinch and zoom your screen to alter your experience.

To view how much time is remaining on your book, go to the Home Screen (Bookshelf) by tapping the bookshelf button in the upper left corner. From the Home Screen, tap the downloads button to see all your books and how much time is remaining.

Once you complete the book, you can read it again it by tapping the replay button just below the RIGHT arrow key. This will return you to the beginning of the book.