John Belfontaine


On display in the main meeting room


Sales from any images sold during this
exhibit will be donated to the Osterville Library.

Artworks Info:


At the Osterville Village Library, we are proud to extend our support to the vibrant community of local artists by offering our space as a platform to exhibit their creative works. While we are not an art gallery, we believe in celebrating and promoting the diverse talents within our community. As a courtesy, we allow artists to display their work, and in the event of a sale, a commission is applied.

We strive to accommodate artists' preferred dates for showcasing their work; however, we kindly ask for understanding that occasionally adjustments may be necessary due to scheduling constraints. Our commitment is to ensure a fair and supportive environment for all artists who wish to participate.

Artists are responsible for promoting their own exhibits to ensure a successful showcase of their work. Additionally, if an artist wishes to sponsor a reception, we welcome this initiative and will collaborate to schedule it at a time that is convenient for both the artist and the Osterville Village Library.

We thank our artists and patrons for their understanding and for helping us maintain a dynamic and artistic atmosphere at the Osterville Village Library.